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How to Decorate Your Fireplace in the Summer

Easily transform that unused space in your living space with these tips on how to decorate your fireplace in the summer.

1. Large Plant or Pot

Fill the space on your hearth with a leafy plant or exotic floral to bring life and color into the space. A large ceramic pot can emphasize the style and design of your living room as well.

Decorating your hearth with a plant can refresh a room. With proper lighting and water, this gives a summer feel to your living room and new life to a space otherwise unused.

2. Decorative Screen or Art Piece

Color your unused hearth with vibrant colors and patterns. Try a decorative screen or art piece to fill the dark space of your fireplace while not in use.

Decorate your hearth with various sized vases, sculptures, or other artworks to decorate in the months your fireplace is not in use.

A durable colorful or patterned screen can offer protection from heat and embers while the fireplace in use as well. Use a screen to shield your room and furniture from too much direct heat exposure. Perfect balance and form and functionality, this piece can be used year round.

3. Stacked Decorative Logs

For a more rustic and woodsy feel, decorate the interior of your fireplace with a stack of logs greenery. This is an easy, low maintenance way to invite pieces of nature into your home. Unlike potted plants, this won't require water or sun.

As in all things, be sure to remove your decorative before relighting your fireplace. A perfect storage space, you can of course repurpose this decor to burn once it's cool enough to enjoy an evening around the fire again!

Adapt Your Home This Summer

Do you have other ideas to decorate your fireplace and hearth while not in use this summer? Show us your ideas and style with #MyFordens!


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