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Fancy S'mores to Enjoy This Summer

Summer nights are here and that means making s’mores ‘round the fire! You can pick up some s’mores skewers or pie irons at Forden’s to get the most out of your campfire treats! Here’s a few ideas to try beyond the classic graham, chocolate, and ‘mallow.

The Carmelita

Chocolate graham cracker + caramel filled Ghirardelli square + jumbo marshmallow

S’more Fluffernutter Supreme

Chocolate graham cracker + peanut butter + jumbo marshmallow

The Superfruity

Graham cracker + strawberry jam + banana slices + jumbo marshmallow

‘Nana S’more

Graham cracker + cookie butter + banana slices + jumbo marshmallow

Berry Roll S’more

Cinnamon graham cracker + Nutella + sliced strawberry + jumbo marshmallow

Samoa S’more

Graham cracker + jumbo marshmallow + caramel + toasted coconut flakes

Baco’n S’more

Graham cracker + chocolate + bacon + jumbo marshmallow

Benedict S’more

Graham cracker + scrambled egg + sliced ham + hollandaise sauce

Penultimate S’more Supreme-o!

Belgium waffle + a dozen jumbo marshmallows + chocolate bar + sliced fruit + another waffle!! (too much?)

Think of a s’more more delicious than these? Show us your creation by

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