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The End of Natural Gas Appliances?

In an effort to move towards an electrical-appliance only future, the city of San Luis Obispo is trying to pass an ordinance that will prohibit gas in all new permitted construction. The passing of this could mean trouble for a number of local businesses specializing in the sales of natural gas-powered appliances as well as impacting a wide number of local residents. The potential loss of employment and change in utility cost could be significant. Natural gas is a plentiful resource and cost less than the generation of consumption of electricity.

According to KSBY, "The City Council will consider a final vote on the ordinance at its September meeting, when it will approve a final draft for the state energy commission to review. Once approved, the ordinance would take effect in San Luis Obispo at the start of 2020."

Those who would consider the implications of the ordinance are encuoraged to attend.

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