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BBQ Tools You Shouldn't Grill Without

Barbecued foods are a favorite conversation topic of ours. The sizzle of a perfectly grilled tri tip paired with seasonal veggies and a signature sauce is what a summer evening is all about! But this week we were thinking, why don't we talk about our favorite BBQ tools more? That steak didn't grill itself. It was carefully turned by a pair of stainless, premeir BBQ tongs and it's delicious temperature monitored by a perfectly calibrated digital thermometer! We owe so much to the unspoken heros our our backyard feasting. So here, finally, is the much deserved ode to the sidekicks of you, the Grill Master.

Forden's Top 5 BBQ Tools You Shouldn't Grill Without: The Grill Master's Arsenal

The Grilling Hook

First up we have our Grilling Hook. Take command of your meat with this curved and pointed tool. Stab and flip your meat rather than simply turning it over with a midle-mannered spatula.

The Drumstick & Wing Grilling Rack

Up next, we'd like to showcase the Drumstick & Wing Grilling Rack. Hang your seasoned, marinated bird parts here and let 'em cook.

Let them soak up that smokey flavor in the air without needing to be distubed or flipped.

Also provides a masterful display for your meat once cooked, ready to be served and devoured.

The Silicone Heat Resistant Glove

Become fire proof with the Silicone Heat Resistant Glove! Reach in and grab the flames by throat! No, no, don't do that. We do not condone that. But what you do on your time is your business...

Handle hot food directly with the fierce protection of silicone. No longer worry about that sampling fork your dropped there on the grill rack. Not that that is something you would ever do.

The SoundBeam Grill Light with Bluetooth Speaker

Stop for no one with this LED Grill Light. Now you can grill all through the night and feast to your heart's desire. Did we mention this one has a Bluetooth speaker built in? The party never stops at your house with the Grill Master's SoundBeam night torch providing a spotlight to your masterful, grilled sustenance.

The Stainless Steel Gas Grill Smoker Box

Add that smokey flavor to your meat with the Stainless Steel Gas Grill Smoker Box. Set this bad boy in your grill next to a freshly slain rack of ribs and get that decadent flavor only wood smoke can provide. Natural gas and propane grills don't add extra flavor or flare. Infuse your meat with the natural aromas and tastes of mesquite or hickory.

So those are our favorites. We'd love to hear yours! Let us know in the comments below what the Grill Master in your home wields in the backyard kitchen or show us with #fordensbbq.

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