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Retro Cool
vintage kitchen fridge

Retro Cool

Enjoy the stunning colors and timeless lines of these midcentury kitchen appliances by Northstar.

fordens elmira stove works vintage kitchen fridge

The only North American retro-styled range with a self-cleaning oven. Imagine these beautiful pro-style ranges in your retro, contemporary, modern or arts-and-crafts kitchen!

With features and options like standard self-cleaning ovens, programmable delayed bake, high-performance gas burners or high-speed radiant elements, true convection ovens and a two-cubic-foot warmer; Northstar ranges are up for some serious performance. Northstar ranges are manufactured in North America.

Timeless Warmth
elmira fordens vintage kitchen stove

Timeless Warmth

Let charm and elegance be the focal point of your kitchen with these gorgeous antique appliances from Elmira Stove Works.

The ultimate in customization.


Each Elmira Stove Works pro-style range is custom crafted to your request. Choose the model, color, options and accents that suit your personal style and your cooking style. Our ranges offer several hundred combinations of styles, colors and features.

Elmira ranges are designed and manufactured in North America.

Browse catalog and appliance customizations here:

 fordens vintage kitchen stove elmira
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