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3 Steps for a DIY Backyard Gas Fire Ring

Everything you need for your gas fire pit is available at Forden’s! We’re here to help you turn your yard into a paradise with finding the right products and styling your new backyard feature.

Begin by deciding on where you want your pit and what dimensions you want your pit to be. You’ll also need to choose your gas supply. Either natural gas or propane may be used. Once set, come on by and let us help you get the rest of your hardware. Forden’s is happy to assist in advising your choice!

1. Choose a burner. You’ll want a burner that’s six inches smaller than the inside diameter of your ring. This will keep a safe distance between the edge of your ring and the flame.

2. Pick out a flange extension for your valve. This will extend your on/off valve to a place comfortable to reach from the outside of your pit.

3. Finally, choose your fire media. Choose from our selection of lava rock, artificial log sets, or beautiful fire glass. This will add the last touch of style and flare to your fire pit. Give yourself between two and four inches of media to cover the entire bottom of your pan and burner.


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